Online School of Cognitive Astrology

In our school we combine two fields of knowledge: ancient Vedic Astrology and modern Cognitive Science.

We put forward the idea that astrology is NOT a pseudoscience that studies how planets affect human life. This is one of the most frustrating misconceptions of our time. Astrology does not study any direct influence of a planet on human behavior.

The main idea of astrology is to study systems:
  • how they are formed and organized
  • how they develop in time
  • how they correlate with each other
According to ancient texts astrology studies GRAHAS.

The word “graha” does not mean “a planet”. It means a power, a force that operates in the system. Graha is a unit that can be found in all systems, from a small cell to a big solar system. For example, graha Surya would manifest itself in the Sun as a center of Solar System, in a father as a center of the family, in a king as a center of the kingdom, in a nucleus as a center of a cell, in the thalamus as a major integration center of perception etc.

We assume that all systems in the world are constructed according to certain principles. Astrology studies these principles and develops techniques of analyzing human nature through application of universal laws.

Astrology can be seen as mathematics combined with philosophy.
The research methods of astrology are totally scientific being both descriptive and analytical. They include:
  • precise calculations and application of modern software
  • observation and investigation of various natural systems
  • data collection and its analysis
  • analogy and analogical reasoning
  • deductive and inductive reasoning
  • meta-analysis: combining data from multiple studies

The modern branch of knowledge called Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary field which combines artificial intelligence, psychology, linguistics and neuroscience. The objective is quite similar to what astrologers studied for centuries: to find out the principles of human nature, behaviour, decision making patterns and finally understand how the human consciousness operates to build a long lasting simulation of it.

Cognitive science has developed a lot of methods to understand the human brain and how to construct artificial simulations of it. But it has never used an association with TIME as a main power that structures our thinking. All long lasting systems that we can create are open systems. That means they should correlate to greater systems and be synchronized with them. Astrology studies how to segment time, calculating cycles and relations of forces in the system within the given period. Using the method of analogical reasoning we can transfer the meanings from one system to another and synchronize the small system with the bigger one to make it stable, long lasting and healthy. That is exactly how astrologers try to analyse the life of a person, examine their thinking patterns and relate them to universal laws to find out deviations.

Astrology as an ancient knowledge can give us the basis for systematic analysis in every field of life, its methods can be applied in every investigation. We strongly believe that the opportunities of astrology are far beyond our modern scientific imagination.

The main tasks of astrologers are:
  • to investigate the system in detail,
  • compare it to other systems,
  • check for correspondence to universal principles,
  • find peculiarities and possible dangers in the system,
  • asses under what conditions the system can operate further
  • and finally fix it using the knowledge about universal mathematical proportions and cycles of various processes.
Who are our students?

They are both amateurs and professionals in different fields such as medical doctors, psychologists and teachers, who want to improve their understanding of life and get new techniques that they can apply in their professional activity.

Teaching is mainly in Russian language but it is possible to organize an event in English.