Teaching style

It is based on two principles – freedom and individual approach.

  • Have your personal account
  • Make your own program combining the modules
  • Get feedback from the teacher
  • Do only what you are interested in


  • Every lesson contains a link to a webinar or the recording of the webinar.
  • Every lesson contains the homework and the field for submission of it.
  • You get feedback on every piece of homework.
  • You get notifications about feedback in your personal account and you can see all your homework there.
  • You see your progress bar there in percentage to be sure how much of the course is complete.
  • The course goes from your “active” section to your “completed” section as long as you submit all your homework.
  • You keep permanent access to the course also after its completion including all the materials, your answers and feedback from the teacher.

How to start

  • Step 1 – register your account
  • Step 2 – open Available Courses
  • Step 3 – choose and pay for the course you want. Access will be granted automatically

Have fun learning!