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Education: Which course to choose?

School education consists of three stages and occurs at three levels at once. Depending on your experience level, you can take the courses in any order.

All educational programmes are conducted in Russian language.

If you are just starting to study astrology, this list will help you with your choice. And if you are serious about studying astrology and are thinking about consulting, you can check out the school's options.




Courses of Basic level written by school teachers::

The approximate training time at the basic level is 1 - 1.5 years.


Courses written by school teachers:

The approximate training time is 1 year.

This level involves the development of skills in interpreting a horoscope using divisional cards. It contains a large number of techniques, developed schemes for analyzing different aspects of life and helps determine specialization.

At this level, there is also an active learning of psychology, cognitive science and immersion in the peculiarities of consciousness work, and also training in horoscope correction skills takes place.


In-depth analysis of each Nakshatra as stages of evolution:

Courses written by school teachers:

Level 3 courses require a high level of preparation and are intended for students with counseling experience. Training time is not limited.

The list of courses is constantly updated, and new materials and capabilities are added to each level.

All lectures, webinars, materials, homework answers are the property of Mitra Varuna OÜ and are protected by copyright. Materials may only be used for personal training. It is prohibited to copy, distribute or use school materials for commercial purposes.